Beginners Courses and Intermediate Level Courses

Our experienced coaches offer group lessons for beginners and intermediate level fencers both adults and children and all our fencing courses are exciting, lively and fun.

Each class is taught (using plenty of games for the juniors) to improve speed and co-ordination and develop specific fencing skills and tactical thinking. There are plenty of opportunities during the class for you to put your new found fencing skills into practice (plenty of sword fighting).

We provide a safe environment to learn the sport and encourage our fencers to advance to the intermediate level at which stage they may choose to take part in competitions fencing for the club, county and maybe even Great Britain.

Our skilled coaches are always there to help and motivate if required and they will guide you through the intermediate stages helping you build your skills, tactics and fitness levels until you are able to join the open club evenings.

How much do the courses cost?

An 8 week fencing course that will take you from complete novice to competent fencer costs just £70.

What do I need to bring?
All protective clothing & fencing equipment is provided, so just bring a bottle of water a willingness to learn.

What should I wear?
Wear trainers and a lightweight top, loose trousers, something you can run around and stretch in, preferably without pockets or anything that might catch a blade, but not shorts,

Is it dangerous?
It is normal to collect the odd bruise or scratch especially in epee, however as a beginner you will normally start with a foil, which is lighter and more flexible. Like any other sport you may get blisters or sometimes have the odd problem with a muscles or tendon but apart from this fencing is usually a very safe sport.

Is my child too young to start?
We prefer children to be eight before they start fencing however it depends in part on the maturity and size of the child. The child needs to be old enough to follow instructions, to concentrate to work well within the class.

Am I too old?
Probably not, we have many fencers starting in middle age, they just have to think faster if they move slower. But if you are in doubt, check with your GP first.

Can fencing help me get fit?
Fencing is an excellent way to gradually build your fitness (and loose weight for those who need) starting slowly as a beginner you will gradually build fitness as your skills improve. While fencing at the highest level is vigorous and dynamic, club fencing is slower and less demanding particularly while you learn. Your fitness level will improve with training and we encourage fencers to work at their own level to avoid injury and ensure that they enjoy the sport. Fencing is generally performed in short bursts with plenty of time to rest in between. Again if in doubt, ask your GP.

Can I go to a competition?
There are lots of fencing competitions, aimed at cadets, juniors, novices, veterans and the open classes so once you reach a basic level you can start to compete. If you would like to compete your coach can advise you on there and when to start.